Another Tale of the Sacramento Woman’s March

Until last Saturday, I took living in the Capitol of California for granted. As people from all walks of life collected in front of the familiar white building I grew up with- the one I associated with prom pictures and senior portraits-I felt a swell of pride as I recognized the political importance of my hometown. Being at the Woman’s march among sign bearers, pink cat-hatted women, and people with passion was an awe-inspiring experience. Even as a simple spectator, I felt like I was part of something greater, a witness to torrential storm of people ready to take action in the name of woman’s rights.

However, the greater message of the March transcended woman’s rights, serving to communicate that we must not lie dormant if we want to see change. Sitting at home and yelling at the TV screen is not going to quell the injustice we see. It is our freedom as Americans to be able to stand up and protest peacefully, run for offices, and organize together. So why don’t we?

The country wide marches are a step in the right direction for those who are serious about getting their voices heard. Isn’t it more fulfilling to be a part of creating change, rather than standing idle by, frowning at our screens?

I couldn’t help but document the day in photos…


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