July Jitters and Caffine Creativity

There’s no better time to sit down with a cup of coffee and take in the scenery than a month before moving to a different city. And not just any city, The City. My stomach is in knots from due to the excitement and anticipation (and maybe a little of the caffine). The whirlwind of change, although positive, is stressful.

My current dabbling in art avocation for a non profit started out as the perfect gig for me as a rookie photographer. But even that is becoming yet another pressure and my most recent photo job ran my creativity dry.

I needed to wind down, so before the fourth, I took a much needed break to go hide out in the woods and take a bunch of photos of the cabin I often visited in the summertime as a child. It was amazing how every twig and every dilapidated object suddenly became something to reminisce over.


As much as I am looking forward to the hustle and bustle of urban life, stepping back and getting close to nature again was just the thing I needed to ditch my anxiety and get out of my creative funk.


Each morning, I sipped a cup of coffee and photographed at my leisure.


And I quickly realized that the wildlife  makes for a much more patient portrait subject.


No time is wasted fixing hair or photoshopping skin.


The beauty is natural and effortless.


Although, it flies away fast if you don’t have a quick shutter…


So I enjoyed it while I could and will remember it while studying in the city – a place that has a natural beauty of it’s own.


I’m sure when I get there, I won’t be left uninspired.


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