Monday Metawriting, Anacrostic Awesomeness, and Political Poetry

Today I learned the term for all those little projects I did in grade school attaching adjectives to each letter that made up my name…

Anacrostic– otherwards, phrases, words, or letters that when taken out of a larger body of text, make up a word/words. A good example of this is Edgar Allen Poe’s A Valentine, a “secret” love poem to a woman whose name was coded not-so-discretely into the work.

After a few lame and unsuccessful attempts to find “Frances Sargent Osgood,” in the text, I was instructed to write an anacrostic poem myself. Always hesitant to write poetry, I cringed at the assignment, especially since I had to write about a political topic of my choosing. That meant, I had to think of something a little more interesting than:




Lots of



I attended a Bernie Sanders rally not too long ago and just recently registered to vote.

bernie logo 1

As a photographer, I was super happy to get some shots of the old guy!

Voting has always been of great importance to me so I am extremely excited that I will be able to participate in the next election. If people don’t vote, then what’s the point of a democracy?

This was the inspiration behind my poem, but I had no idea where to begin.

So I wondered what I would write if I were a rapper. Believe it or not, thinking of my poem as a rap helped my thoughts move along smoothly. If you have never done this before, give it a try! It helps writer’s block.

At the end of it all I got this. I didn’t make it anacrostic, but oh well.:

A Man With A Gun

EVERYONE listens, watches, and cries as

The refugees from Syria run for their lives.

ISIS may choose the next one who dies.

The religious, they pray straight up toward the skies.


A man with a gun without his country is dead-

And all these conspiracies have me sick in the head;

Some say the States are merely hanging by a thread

And I’ll never forget what my late grandfather said,

“I fought for this land, this place I call home,

where the people are free to love and to roam.

You MUST fight for your country, your men, and your bread.”


“A man without a gun in his country is dead.”


They say Bernie, and Hillary, and Trump are the same,

All faux politicians wrapped up in some game

The United States government is ALWAYS to blame

And no people VOTE- my God it’s a shame!


How do these people expect to see change

When they don’t use their right that freedom arranged.

A lovely world it would be if all were on the same page.

But no one is sane.


My code was a bit more explicit than Poe’s, but we all can’t be that advanced!




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