A Kylie Christmas!

I can vividly remember, back in 2004, sitting in a corner far away from the rest of the kids who were on the playground. In my hands rested one of my most treasured possessions- my portable CD player which contained yet another gem, the Ultimate Kylie collection disc one of two. While most other seven year olds listened to the Jonas Brothers, I played Kylie Minogue tracks obsessively (not as obsessively as Cher, but that’s a blog for later). “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” was the song that first got me hooked which is ironic, because still to this day whenever I hear that song I seriously can’t get it out of my head. It’s awful. Thanks, first grade self!

But when I heard that the  Australian pop beauty released a Christmas album, I knew my holidays were about to be happy. “Kylie Christmas” is a collection of 13 holiday songs, ready to brighten the mood at every ugly sweater party. Take a little time to do some wrapping with Iggy Pop. Wait for Santa alongside Frank Sinatra. As long as you have Minogue’s festive album on hand, you’ll surely be of good cheer!



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