Nine Nifty Musical Numbers to Note

There is something wonderfully ironic about writing a blog post to avoid other forms of assigned essay writing…  Perhaps all this talk about turning over a new leaf in 2015 and dubbing it my “best year yet” gives me a false sense of security? Procrastination hit me like a freight train this year and has warranted my attention everywhere but where it is needed most. Luckily, I can always count on my trackless educational journey being music filled to make the trek easier.

(Speaking of “Trek”, excuse me while I take a moment of silence for the dear Leonard Nimoy. I will always remember the endless trips to Blockbuster 8 year old me took to watch and re-watch the original Mr. Spock.)

Aside from that tragic loss last week, the first couple months of 2015 have brought promising new tracks just itching to be in a blog post. My wallet is already hurting from expected album purchases…Here are nine nifty musical numbers to note, if you haven’t already:

1. Black Sun- Death Cab for Cute

Watch out, the melancholy Death Cab is back on the road!

2. What Kind of Man- Florence and The Machine

Finally, some Florence with killer vocals and sweet guitar. Been missing this lovely lady since 2012.

3. My Type-Saint Motel

2014’s fun bubbly My Type EP keeps me dancing nonstop! The smooth Indie Prog group, Saint Motel, promises an album later this year.

4. The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box- Modest Mouse

A feisty new single with scrappy instrumentation.

5.  It Is Just What It Is- Guster

A track from Guster’s newest album Evermotion.

6. I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty

A song as sweet as honey…more or less.

7. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars

My biggest guilty pleasure song. Ever. Do me a favor and just try not to dance.

8. Mouth Mantra- Bjork

Bjork’s Vulnicura album is immensely painful because “there is a vocal sadness” conveyed in the tracks that is unparalleled. “Mouth Mantra” along with the album’s other tracks literally sounds broken and should be credited for its uniqueness.

9. Weight of Love- The Black Keys

An intimate single with a bluesy introduction and skillful guitar pieces. As always, the Keys impress.


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