Mocking Jay Part One Minus The Novel

It surprises me that an avid reader such as myself has never bothered to crack open the latest trilogy craze to hit the big screen, but by the time Twilight was shelved I was simply too exhausted to immerse myself in yet another widespread YA movement. So I did what I could to avoid the pull of  The Hunger Games and didn’t watch the movie until it was ready to

Photo courtesy of

The face Katniss made throughout the entire movie. Photo courtesy of

rent. After seeing the newest adaptation Mocking Jay Part I last night, I realized that abstaining from the series was the best thing I could have done to maximize the movie watching experience.

Considering how many sequels and superhero movies Hollywood has been cranking out lately, it was most refreshing to sit down at the theater with no prior knowledge of The Hunger Games story. Plot twists were still surprising and random explosions continued to make me jump.

And the best part?

Being able to enjoy the film as just that- a film. I did not spend the entire time picking out differences between bits of dialogue that were present in the book but not in the movie and I have consistently left the shows without disappointment.

Although, something about Mocking Jay Part I didn’t sit with me as well as the first two movies. Perhaps it was because Katniss was either wandering around the districts causing commotion or crying about Peeta (whose name frankly just makes me want Pita bread…) the whole time. It certainly did not have the same degree of dynamic scenes as the  former films and depicted characters who were overall flat, however I was pleased to finally feel the need to decide between Team Pita or Team Gale. The movie finally made strides in developing the sort of love triangle I’ve been hearing about but have yet to really care about until now.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy the movie, because the film kept my eyes locked to the screen the entire time, but my expectations had maybe become too high after seeing Catching Fire, whose cinematography work and soundtrack were more impressive than anticipated. Mocking Jay Part 1 may not have lived up to my opinion of Catching Fire, but it was definitely a movie worth seeing whether you have read the books or not.



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