Is Your Food Fooling You?: New Shocking Documentary “Fed Up” Lets Secrets Slip

For those of you currently enjoying yogurt varieties, bottled juice drinks, or other popular food items, you might want to take a moment to check out that nutrition label.

This hilarious and somewhat unnerving image is courtesy of Cathy Scola on Flickr.

This hilarious and somewhat unnerving image is courtesy of Cathy Scola on Flickr.

I’m no health guru by any means, but I do try and stay conscious about what I  eat to get the necessary nutrients.  However after watching the eye opening documentary Fed Up, I am beginning to reconsider my so called “healthy” choices. From Davis Guggenheim director of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” and Executive produces Katie Couric and Laurie David, Fed Up is a movie that explores the obesity epidemic in America and how obesity rates have skyrocketed within the past 30 years.

The footage was powerful yet disturbing and suggests that the food industry is to blame for the epidemic. When the craze for low fat this and low fat that hit the states, the food industry went along removing the fat from products and used this as a marketing tool. Little did people know, that purchasing a box marked “now with half  the fat!” really meant “now with double the sugar!”

How else do you make food deprived from fat taste good?

40 grams or 10 teaspoons a day is the daily recommended amount of sugar intake. Half of that is in the Chobani yogurt I buy in the store…

I don’t shop the same after seeing “Fed Up.”

The Food Literacy in partnership with Assemblymember Roger Dickinson helped bring the movie to the Tower theater this summer for a one time showing. I had the privilege of talking to Assemblymember Dickinson after the show who had a few remarks.

“The epidemic of obesity that we are seeing not only in our children but also in adults is truly frightening in its implications for health, for the future of our community, and the future of our state,” said Dickinson.

“…its also going to mean that our healthcare costs are going to be driven up to an extraordinary level so both for the personal health of those involved as well for the health and welfare of our society I think it particularly important that we take on this epidemic of obesity and to do that starts with eating better than people are today. It starts with understanding that there needs to be balance in any diet… and while exercise is also an important part of the equation of living a healthy life  you can’t overcome a terrible diet with too much sugar, with too much processed food if you rely on exercise alone. It takes being smart about what you eat.”

Bummer. I guess I better think twice about eating that pack of Oreos after my workout.

If it were up to me, this movie would be shown to more than just the folks in that little theater. It would behoove people to show this throughout theaters and schools because its time we are informed statewide and globally. When it comes to DVD, I recommend watching at least the first 30 minutes of “Fed Up.” You might be surprised what effects your favorite foods have on you.


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