Gazing at Night Tides with Robert Francis

I almost felt worse about spilling my drink considering the fact I wasn’t the least bit drunk. The straw I was sipping from was giving me tasty cherry doses of a Shirley Temple. Looking down at the fallen ice cubes I reluctantly accepted the fact that I am just clumsy and promptly turned to the man who fell victim to my butterfingers and apologized.

Its a funny thing being underage in a night club, the bouncer gives you lectures about staying safe on the nighttime sidewalks of Midtown, the person collecting entrance fees draws an X on your hand to deter you from alcohol, then as you walk away calls you back to draw yet another X just to be secure. I promise you I am no rebel child!

Vikesh Kapoor

Now that my hands had become sharpie masterpieces I began snapping photos of the opening act, a handsome looking lad from Oregon with a smooth voice and a knack for the harmonica. His name was Vikesh Kapoor and I was even able to talk with him for a brief moment after the show.

I just adore musicians. Especially ones with interesting names.

A few Kapoor songs later, the opening act moved in. Robert Francis and the Night Tide, a group of Indie Rockers immediately got my foot tapping and my friend swaying. Now, the best part of watching Robert Francis perform was how immersed in his music he seemed. Sporting a colorful variety of faces, Francis made for a pretty fun photography subject.

Here are my two favorites.rawrFace #1 “Rawr”

 smileFace #2 “Smile at your guitar like its your best friend”

This is what makes live music worth listening to, the raw emotion and expression that the performers exude on stage. It is so humbling. When he smiled, it was like he was a little boy playing a song on his guitar for the first time, an unmatched happiness. You can tell not only does Robert Francis enjoy what he does but he is damn good at it. Not a word was off key. Take a listen to “Junebug” but I guarantee it was better live. The rest of the band members met his waves of enthusiasm with grace and pulled them back into the tide to create music that flowed effortlessly. I am definitely satisfied with this new find. Nice work RF and the Night Tide!



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