Gather Oak Park- New Event Every Second Thursday

Listen up Sacramento, your Thursday evenings just got an upgrade.

This summer, second Thursdays are all about live music, good food, and beer. The Oak Park community has adopted a new event known as “Gather,” blocking off the area of 3rd and Broadway every month through October to encourage locals to well…gather!

“Aww, she’s a Gather virgin,” remarked the stranger next to me after I told her it was my first time at the event. This was the first of many brief conversations I would have throughout the evening and all around, I was glad to see that attendees were easily approachable, in good spirits (I don’t see how one couldn’t be after indulging in the wide selection of local food). But also felt a little out of place considering I wasn’t dressed like a young urbanite or a 1970’s flower child.

Minus the plethora of local alcohol,the environment was family friendly. Sol Collective, an organization devoted to arts, culture, and activism surrounding youth came with their “Geodome” hut and a variety of craft activities to keep the little ones busy.

Food trucks and booths supplied the cuisine and my favorite part was watching delicious pizza being made in a fiery stone oven courtesy of Hot Italian.  Vendors who surrounded the area provided merchandise ranging from jewelry and baby bibs to the most exciting vintage suitcases-turned-speakers.

Not overbearing and not too small, Gather was a great way to end my Thursday and I will definitely try and drop by next month to enjoy more friendly conversation, food, and performances.


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