Maleficent Movie

Presenting Angelina Jolie as Maleficent.

As the saying goes, “history repeats itself” and that is a notion so painfully evident in the Hollywood scene these days that I am beginning to wonder if we have altogether stopped trying to come up with an original idea or even a sliver of one.

The most innovative film I have seen in a while is “Her,” the uncomfortable academy award winner about a man’s infatuation with his operating system (that’s a post for another time).

Aren’t people growing bored with reading a book and soon after going to the show to see the exact same thing? Where is the element of surprise? I guess people gravitate toward the familiar and thus Hollywood is left gazing at potential sequels and adaptations with dollar signs in their eyes. So keeping up with remake trend, Disney re-mastered the classic Sleeping Beauty tale focusing on the villain Maleficent who naturally brings the ugly beginning but also commences the happy ending.

Stepping into the theater, I was worried that Disney was about to ruin one of my favorite childhood movies but Angelina Jolie made me think otherwise the moment she hit the camera. Her make up and costuming was striking, incorporating exaggerated prosthetic cheekbones and piercing colored contacts that made for an appreciable villain.

As for the fashionable element of true love’s kiss, this  was approached more realistically.

The kiss from the prince did not do the trick and this was not that surprising due to Jolie’s numerous heartbroken claims about the nature of love. Not to fear! Disney would never ditch the smooch that awoke our Beauty, however they would dare to abandon the childish fantasy of finding a soul mate. When somber reality sets in, true love is infallible after all and the kiss comes from a most unexpected source- Miss Maleficent. The strength of a parent’s love is a most refreshing twist on the message of Sleeping Beauty. A fairytale with a degree of genuineness that accepts a truth beyond the viewers’ years.

Looks like Disney decided to grow with its audience.


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