Paws Up for Wild Cub and Hands at Harlow’s

A little bit goes a long way- especially when you are a long way from home.

Hands take the stage at Harlow’s. Photo by Christopher Aiello

Saturday, January 25th , Nashville grown Wild Cub showed their gratitude to a modest yet enthusiastic crowd at Harlow’s Night Club downtown, making their first ever Sacramento appearance. The crew was eager to catch the attention of the city and managed to turn at least a few heads by the end of the night. It was also a Sac-town debut for Hands, a group of spunky Indie Rockers from Los Angeles who were surprised to say they had never played in the capital. The band gave a dynamic opening performance that only increased the hype for Wild Cub and provided a smooth transition into the next act. With fun, euphoric, and “feel good” sounds, Wild Cub reeled in the crowd with their unique new wave style that kept people up and dancing. The overall atmosphere was mellow but certainly entertaining enough for a good time. The boys must have been feeling the love after patiently “waiting on love to call” in their upbeat hit Thunder Clatter, which was the clear favorite of the night.

Dispositions remained cool and relaxed post show with members walking around for photos, meet and greets, and merchandise sales; some nice bonuses for fans. The event was a success and the two groups really seemed to “hit it off” with Sacramento.


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